Why Your Home Search Needs to Include a Neighborhood Search

August 29, 2022
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Many factors go into searching for Naples luxury homes, from finding a realtor, to looking up different properties, to making sure your information is in order. In the bustle of it all, it’s easy to overlook a neighborhood search in your preparations, which can have serious consequences once you own your property. Here are a few reasons why your home search needs to include a neighborhood search.

To better complement your lifestyle

Although you can change a lot about a home, one unchangeable aspect is its location. If you are buying a home for a family, research the types and quality of schools around the area. If you’re buying somewhere rural, time the drive to places you’ll frequent, like the grocery store and your work. A long commute can make a home location and, by extension, your home a hassle.

Other things to search in the neighborhood are the types of hospitals and doctors available and where they’re located, if there is excess noise from trains or traffic, and where recreation areas are. These neighborhood aspects can make or break a home buying experience. During your neighborhood search, it’s important to visit the home you’re interested in at certain times to see how noisy or quiet the neighborhood becomes at its busiest hours.

To understand neighborhood dynamics

A home can seem idyllic at one time and less than ideal at another, which is why you should visit the area at varying times of the day. Doing so can reassure you that buying Naples luxury real estate is a good investment. Markers of a good neighborhood are neighborhood activities on weekends and if neighbors are friendly with each other. If you see residents, consider asking them about their thoughts on the neighborhood to get a feel for the atmosphere and livelihood.

Visiting at odd hours of the day can reveal a lot about the possible cons of buying in a particular area. You may uncover neighbors who like partying, strange smells, or unfriendly neighbors and passersby. If the property is located near a main street, visit the area during rush hour to see how heavy traffic is at the worst time of the day.

To uncover additional information

A google search can uncover a lot about your home’s surrounding area, granting you more insight into why Naples luxury homes are worth the investment. Although a search may reveal nothing, it can also bring up information that’ll help you dodge a bad purchase. Begin with searching for specific information like city and school reports, the usual weather forecasts, and neighborhood scouts to understand the local housing market.

The internet is also an excellent way to understand where necessities like schools, hospitals, and stores are located relative to your home. It may be worthwhile to look up the property's records and understand its history of deeds, mortgages, and charges.

To be aware of future construction plans

You may love the view from your home’s front porch or back yard, but future construction may make that a temporary perk of the property. Before buying, check with the city planning department about their plans for lots in the surrounding area. Although construction isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker, it’s better to know about potential building plans and the noise or traffic it will bring before closing on your home.

Even if construction plans are years down the road, large changes like the addition of a highway can negatively impact your home value. This can make it more challenging to sell the property when you’re ready to move.

To understand local wildlife and nature

Catching a glimpse of deer or hearing birds on a first visit can add to the charm of viewing Naples luxury real estate. However, being realistic about your human and wildlife neighbors is important. Whether it be raccoons or bears rooting through the trash, deer eating your front yard landscaping, or coyotes loudly enjoying their dinner, just know that they’re long-term residents of the area.

Another aspect to not overlook in your neighborhood search is the local nature and weather patterns. If you like an area because of its warm winters, be prepared for even hotter summers, and vice versa. If it’s windy, consider how rustling trees might keep you up at night or blow away outdoor furniture. Especially if you’ve lived in areas with limited nature and wildlife, consider if you’re ready to make the necessary adjustments to living in a different type of area.

To avoid a poor investment

Even though an individual home may be the perfect property for you and your future plans, it can become a bad investment if you don’t notice the neighborhood is declining in value. Research can help you determine whether Naples luxury homes are a good investment for your individual needs.

If you’re worried about a declining neighborhood, look out for neglected houses in a state of disrepair, maintenance of public spaces, closed or closing stores around the area, and multiple rent signs in home windows or on front yards. These all indicate that the area may not offer the best return on investment. Also, zoning changes that cause different types of construction can completely reshape a neighborhood and lower your home value.

Begin your search for the perfect Naples neighborhood

A neighborhood search is an integral step of the home buying process, as the location of a home is entirely unchangeable once you’ve closed a transaction. Even if the neighborhood seems perfect at first glance, minor research can reveal a lot about the area's future. Now that you understand why you need a neighborhood search and what to look for during your research, contact trusted local agent Phil Collins to secure your Naples luxury real estate.

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